Friday, April 3, 2020

San Pedro Yosotatu - George Howell

This delicious light roast was my first experience with a Mexican single-origin coffee.  I found it to be pleasantly limey while still rooted in a nice milk chocolate flavor profile.  Maybe even chocolate-covered pineapple?  Juicy and fresh.  Based on the aroma when I opened the bag, I expected the coffee to present as much lighter than it did.

From George Howell:

"Twenty to thirty farmers, mostly women, led by Madelina Lopez, came together around the community of San Pedro Yosotatu to produce small fine quality lots of the traditional Oaxacan Typica variety mixed with a little Bourbon. While not organic certified, they are using organic methods. A distinct Oaxacan coffee flavor profile emerges after being submerged in large lot regional blends for many years!"

Brew method: French Press
Water: 510g
Coffee: 40g

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