Friday, April 3, 2020

High Mountain Shan Lin Xi Roasted - In Pursuit of Tea

This is a light-roasted Nantou oolong.  Beautiful sungold color.  Silky mouthfeel.  Floral nose with an almost licorice nudge to it--maybe it's the charcoal roast.  Held up well and mellowed out nicely over many infusions.  For fans of Tieguanyins and Tung Tings.

From In Pursuit of Tea:
"Hailing from evergreen-covered peaks nearly 5,000 feet in elevation, this Taiwanese oolong tea is nurtured under unique conditions: Cool nights and frequent fog result in slower leaf growth, which encourage distinctive balsam notes and a rich fragrance to develop. After being hand-picked, the leaves undergo slight oxidization during a careful rolling process, and are finished with a light roasting. Once infused, note the sweet aromas of plum jam and sundried tomato that emerge; bright, green flavors shine beneath the delicate, yet structured, charcoal roast. The body deepens over subsequent infusions, opening with savory hints of butter and mushroom. Enjoy several rounds to appreciate the dynamic nature of these leaves."


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